Automated road construction

Digital road programmes, integrated modelling, data capture, 3D design and accessible carbon, performance and compliance data.

What is automated road construction?

Automated road construction is the ability to capture, share and use construction site data for use within in BIM or outside of BIM.  Interconnected machine and software technologies autonomously capturing and measuring information from construction sites.

Utilising a multitude of the latest sensor equipment, information is captured and cast to cloud based solutions to analyse and produce compliance records, along with process analytics for optimised task performance.

Digitally and remote guidance of construction plant and equipment, feeding information direct from 3D designs, removing the requirement for manual intervention and potential sources of error. Intelligent machine technologies responding and adapting to the construction environment and conditions. Delivering higher levels quality and production safety.

Digital records of roads

Automated paver control 

Digital road design

Digital carriageway design

Road profile

Machine control

Automated road solutions

Automated road construction

The benefits of PAVE automated digital road construction

Design and workflow

Optimal design delivering ride quality and profile improvements.
Milling to generate a first-class platform to work from.

Surfacing profiles

Design and workflow aimed directly at ride quality & profile improvement derived from optimal design.
Surfacing relating directly to profile.

Profile efficiency

Designed to improve profile over short-wave lengths.
Construction using pre-existing features to remove the need for additional level control.

Real time data

Instant data to provide operators with tools to optimise compaction and direct attention to compaction performance in real time.

Delivery logistics

Just in time deliveries to facilitate continuous paving and improved consistency of the finished product.

Paving data

Real time paving information from thermal temperatures of every load. Consumption rate and weather/ atmospheric forecasting to allow the right decisions to be made in real time by paving crews.