Ride quality of roads

How do we deliver road ride quality?

Much of the technology we have innovated in our PAVE capability was originally piloted at Silverstone in 2019. Quite simply, we had to deliver the smoothest possible asphalt surface and a very lean works programme.

The result of meticulous planning, future thinking and utilisation of technology, delivered Lewis Hamilton a record-breaking lap time and comments of the smoothest surface experienced at Silverstone.

Having taken the learns and applied it to some of our most challenging works since we now have the expert capability to support our customers with the smoothest possible road surfaces.

Potholes, failing joints, road or carriageway defects can all be eliminated. The road condition can be modelled, managed and maintenance free for longer delivering more sustainable roads whilst reducing whole life carbon costs.


Smoothest surface in the world

With new vehicle development and technology integrations required precision analysis Tarmac was challenged by MIRA – Motor Industry Research Agency to install the flattest test area in the world – cornering load and tyre performance - Omni Directional IRI value <1 required on 300m test circle.

PAVE technology put to the test and delivered.

Testing automatic driving technology

The automotive world is changing. The electrification of vehicles is the main thing hitting the headlines these days, particularly with public interest in the energy transition and soaring fuel costs.

But the future of cars isn’t just electric; the next generation of cars will see self-driving technology come to the fore. Engineers need accurate ways to test automatic driving technology at precise levels, to ensure optimum performance and safety when cars are pushed to their limits.

Project: The smoothest ride - a world first

In an industry busting project, Tarmac, HORIBA Mira and WSP have collaborated to create the world’s smoothest ride: a completely flat testing surface across all directions.

The Assured CAV Highway offers omnidirectional smoothness at less than 2mm tolerances, meaning automatic driving technology can be measured at levels of precision never seen before. 1.1km in length, with a 300 m diameter driving dynamics area.


Tarmac’s track record at laying the smoothest asphalt circuit at Silverstone set a precedent for the quality of asphalt laying that can be achieved. Buidling on this knowledge and expertise, The MIRA project required the creation of a road at tighter tolerance levels and, crucially, in all directions.

Partnering with Horiba and WSP, the team shared engineering knowledge and creativity to come up with a methodology to provide world class results.


In an industry-busting project, Tarmac, HORIBA Mira and WSP have collaborated to create the world’s smoothest ride: a completely flat testing surface across all directions.

The surface is so flat, without any camber. The smoothest ride possible. Other examples of this precision laying technology include the Silverstone track, which set the precedent for this project, and the Catesby tunnel. PAVE -Pushing boundaries for both smoother roads and safer cars.