Low carbon roads

Carbon forecasting and modeling of roads to deliver informed sustainability choices.

Digital carbon planning, capture & reporting of roads

PAVE Technology Solutions provides cradle-to-gate capture of the road carbon cost and analytic reporting to summarise spent construction carbon. Instant carbon footprint data recorded and reported per shift. Our carbon footprint data provides transparent information from pre-works carbon modelling to completed works efficiencies.

Low carbon roads

Lower carbon road solutions are available now. From specification and pavement design through to logics, traffic management and paving we can cut carbon on every scheme.

Since 2013 we have championed to use of warm mix materials and in ‘22 became the first UK supplier to default to warm mix asphalts. Today, we are using technology to advance this progress. Every aspect of process and paving has been optimised to identify carbon savings.

Our low carbon road solutions help you to make the right choices.

How to achieve a low carbon road

We can help with solutions to the low carbon road challenge. Our team is on hand to share their expertise, trial new innovations and to work together to advance Net Zero road construction.

The PAVE solution offers complete control of your low carbon road project.

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Latest asphalt innovation available to help cut carbon in roads and progress towards Net Zero.

Biogenic bitumen for roads and carbon sink

Working with our supply chain we are now trialling the latest in capture and storage engineering. The bio-component binder locks carbon into asphalt and bitumen, turning the road into a technical carbon sink. Absorbing the carbon into the road until it is recycled into new road materials retaining most of the carbon.

Promoting circular economy, carbon savings and durability.

Rubber modified asphalts promoting sustainability in road materials

Waste and disposal of used materials present a key opportunity to make positive progress in advancing circular economy. At Tarmac have achieved accreditation for the use of our rubber modified asphalts in ULTIPAVE R which is now available as a rubber modified thin surface system, with BBA HAPAS Clause 942 approval for use on the strategic road network.

The use of recycled rubber crumb in the mix helps to avoid export of waste car tyres, incorporating approximately 750 tyres per kilometre for a typical single lane road.

Promoting reuse, recycling and innovative solutions to road construction

Solutions guide for sustainable roads

Find out how you can choose a sustainable approach to road construction and maintenance with the Tarmac Guide to sustainable roads.