Whole life cost efficiencies for roads

Applying cost analysis of whole life road performance to advance sustainability of highways maintenance and road construction.

What is whole life road cost?

With durability being a key objective in modern material design whole life cost analysis of relevant PAVE solutions to road maintenance programming is critical to achieving the specification of reduced carbon, high performing solutions.

We look end to end at the carbon, durability, performance and cost when evaluating whole life cost. By considering lean efficiencies, material use, reduced installation and user disruption together with logistics, installation and reuse potential we can supply transparent costs analysis over the lifetime performance of the PAVE solution.

Whole life cost analysis and 3D Modelling from PAVE enable the selection of the most appropriate design and maintenance highways solutions.

Road Sustainability

Reduced carbon, quicker installation, extended performance, smoother surface or reduced disruption.

Road Durability

Extended surface life, enhanced surface performance and reduced interventions, disruption and whole life cost.

Carriageway intervention

Lean, automated programmes designed to remove interventions.

Single layer roads

Optimised material design for reduced material volumes, speedy works interventions and reduced road user disruption.

High performance Tarmac

PAVE new generation technology capability.

High performance asphalt

Ultimate solutions material design.

Reduced whole life cost

Lean efficient programme modelling to inform whole life road cost solutions.

Sustainability through durability

High performance PAVE and materials delivery for roads.